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Dinner, Sweets & Snacks

A collection of 21 Recipes to give new ideas and pizazz to your Dinners, Sweets & Snacks.  These simple healthy recipes will be complied based on your questionnaire answers and sent
to you in a PDF for you to reference anytime.


Note: These 3 categories could be changed to suit your needs
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1st Step - Questionnaire

  • helps me find out what your likes and dislikes are

  • do you need to follow a specific diet?

  • how much time do you have to prepare meals?

  • your answers give me a good start on how to choose your recipes.

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2nd Step - Recipes Compiled

  • A collection of 21 recipes for you to reference at any time

  • 7 recipes for each category - Dinner, Sweets & Snacks

  • Sent to you in a PDF for easy download

  • A call with me to discuss recipes selected and ideal serving sizes.

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  • A collection of 7 recipes for each category  - Dinner, Sweets & Snacks

  • Recipes picked on how much time you have to prepare them.

Rather have different categories? Please let me know

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